An island of comfort: Area rugs

Hard surfaces are beautiful and elegant but sometimes you can find yourself wanting at least a little island of softness in the middle of your hardwood or ceramic flooring. If that is the case, enter area rugs. We, at Fashion Floors Roanoke, offer a variety of manufactured area rugs and, for those who strive for a personalized and unique flooring, our custom area carpets are the way to go.

Factory area rugs

We stock numerous options and styles of factory-made area rugs. These rugs will fill out and add both design and comfort to any room you choose. Some are more formal and some more playful; the choice is up to you and whatever mood you are seeking to give to the room, we are sure to have options from which you can choose.

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Custom area rugs

Here we, at Fashion Floors Roanoke, really shine is in our custom area rugs. Here, our sales associates and our installers will partner with you to create a design that is as unique as you are. You choose the style of carpet that you like as well as the colors you wish to use. You also determine the overall size, shape, and design of the carpet that will then be made by our installers for your room.

Perhaps you would like a rug that is oval or has rounded corners instead of squared-off ones. Perhaps you would like angled edges, like that of an octagon; the decision is up to you. Perhaps you would like one color as the dominant color of your carpet, but you would like another color to be used as an outer border or as an interior stripe in set from the edge. All of these things (and more!) are options for you.

And so, when you have chosen the colors and design of the carpet, our installers craft the rug that you have custom designed. The rug will have a non-skid backing attached to it and then the whole rug will have its edges bound to prevent fraying. We are even happy to deliver and layout your new, custom area rug for you.

If you are looking for area rugs in Roanoke, VA or if you live in the surrounding area of Roanoke, VA, Cave Spring, VA, Salem, VA, Hollins, VA, or Vinton, VA, we want to become your area rug retailer. Give us a call or stop by our Roanoke showroom and let us show off a few of the area rugs we have made for those in the community; we think you will be impressed.