How do you transition two flooring types?

How do you transition two flooring types?

The way you transition two flooring types primarily depends on what those two flooring types are and what kind of transition you need. We will consider some of the most popular options in today's post, so read along to learn more about them.

Flooring is a necessity, but it’s customizable

Since you can choose any floor covering for any room of your home, you may find that you need transitions to move from one room and flooring type to another. For instance, if you have carpet in the bedroom but laminate in the hallway, the gap between the two spaces will need to be filled and transitioned.

A simple metal strip is often used, but if the two-floor types are different heights, this could pose a hazard, especially if you have children or the elderly living in your home and using mobility aids. However, a smooth transition is possible, even if you're moving from a tall flooring to a lower one, with height adjustments made beneath the transition piece itself. Be sure to stop by and let us know your specific requirements in the area for an assessment and consultation about the best options.

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