What's trending in flooring colors?

What's trending in flooring colors?

Choosing the right color gives your new floors a fantastic look. And it's a great way to get the decor match you want and need.

One of the best ways to get the right color is to choose a trending option. Here are some top color trends for your consideration as you start your remodel.

Trending carpet colors

Blue and gray are both fantastic choices in carpet flooring. They lean to the neutral end of the spectrum for a great match with almost any decor.

Multi-color is another choice that can match an even broader scope of decor. For example, at our flooring company, you’ll find a collection of colors that best fits your decor scheme for outstanding results.

Trending luxury vinyl colors

These wood-look floors offer popular colors like gray and light stain colors. In addition, these come in various hues for the perfect match with your decor.

But you can also opt for a unique look with trends like whitewash and high variation colors. These could be a perfect choice if you have a unique interior design.

Trending tile colors

You'll see the same gray, blue, and high variation trends in tile as on other new floors. However, the colors can look slightly different or be combined with patterns for an exciting look.

But tile also offers both black and white color trends. These are perfect on their own or combined for a classic appearance you'll love.

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